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Renovation of broken mug

Renovation of broken mug

By on Jun 17, 2019 in Ceramic Repair |

The mug is typically a cup used to drink hot or cold beverages. They have handled at one side of the cup. The normal capacity a mug can hold is 350ml.

They can hold both liquid as well as solid drinks. In ancient days mugs were prepared in woods with carved images on it. Now it is made of glass which gets easily broken down. If glass mugs get broken they can be re-attached in some ways.

To fix a broken mug handle you need: Broken mug, Superglue, Nail polish.

Step 1: Collection of pieces                                 

Fixing a mug with a broken handle is difficult and it must be handled with proper care. Make sure that all the pieces of the mug are with you. When is made to be attached you must not leave any pieces left because it makes the left piece seems to be like a hole or it won’t get stuck to the other part firmly. At the same time, the pieces should match as like puzzle.

cracked mug

Step 2: Fixing handle with glue

Glue back the pieces, the glue will take time to get fixed so hold it securely and firmly for about 10 seconds. Let each pieces to get settled in its place. Is a cracked mug will take about one night to get back re-attached? Yes, because so that it will be strong enough to lift it.

Step 3: Color your mug

The mug has to be colored to hide the cracks in the handle. First, do the initial coat and allow it to dry for a particular period and then go with the second coat. It may spoil the mug if the second coat is done immediately. Nail polish over it is done to make the crack softer and to prevent from further damages.

renovation of broken mug

Step 4: Final stage

Now, this is the final stage of the mug to get dry. The next day mug will get ready to be used. It comes back to the normal state. The handle will be fixed properly and it can be swung around without any fear. The mug must be done the ace painting because it is broken earlier it will show some rough feel while holding it. If you’re not confident you can take it to the ceramic shop. There they will repair ceramic mug handle. Finally, now the mug is ready to swing in any direction you wish to.